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The one to choose YE-WANG exquisite moving center. We provide whole course to show consideration service for you. Our company established more than 20 years; we use the base of International moving business to go in for doing domestic moving business. We are fineness, had registered and lawful company. No matter, the trustee present or not, just give us directives, our professional staff will provide showing consideration door to door service to you.
When you cause of moving a new place and feeling with a thousand and one thing to and don't know how to do? YE-WANG wish to provide a whole course inquire service: From free estimate making a contract whole course moving insurance. Providing cartons and packing material furniture setting debris removal printing list and checking and accept with customer service. We provide freshly, really, safety new image of domestic service, and also increase moving quality we let you feel moving is safety and happy.

Before 15 days of the moving day, please asking the staff of moving company comes to quote the price and get the moving information.

Clothes, small items, books etc. You should pack by yourself.
(We provide carton,packing material, hang clothes box etc.)
Providing furniture-setting map to us then our staff can set up furniture at right place.
Before moving, you should clean the cabinet, then our staff can move easily.
If you have pick up a good hour and day to move, Please tell us at the first then we can work easily.
Before the moving date, please notice the neighbor, if we make some inconvenience, please do not angry.
After finish moving, please check with us, have goods all come?

One room &
one living room
1 car
Two rooms &
one living room
2 car
Three rooms &
two living room
4 car
Clothes cabinet a Five A2 carton
Books cabinet a Seven A4 carton

Estimating at present Making a contract providing carton Furniture setting

Checking and accepting goods Debris removal after sale service