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Carton and packing material
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  Type Size (Unit¡Gcm)
L x W x H
A4 book 43 X 34 X 35
A2 synthesis Box 60 X 45 X 45
A1 TV. Box 90 X 60 X 75
A3 Clothes hanger Box 60 X 60 X 125
A5 Bottle Box 62 X 32 X 18

Bubble paper Use for protect goods material

Tape Use for seal box
Corrugated paper To avoid hitting and use for fixed goods
Su-Fu-To To protect high class furniture
Polystyrene board To avoid hitting and use for fixed
Bubble ball Use at antique, fragile, to avoid squeeze
PE Plastic mat To use in large furniture protection
Packing tool Use for fixed
Protection case To protect glass items
Making wooden case To protect expensive goods
Wooden strip board To protect and avoid goods scatter
Three layer
waving paper
Use for packing
Five layer
waving paper
Use for packing
Quilt To using avoid hitting
PE wrap Use for dishes and howls
Soft paper Use for dishes and bowls
Angle paper To protect angle and use to strong box
Se Mei Bu To avoid hitting and instead Polystyrene
Hard paper board Environmental protection, and don't need to do fumigation
Big bubble paper To use at house small electric goods go protect