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(1) Our advantage

  Established at 1981, good in affiance
  A fineness customs Broker is permitted by customs house.
  Get the license from examination Yuan.
  Get goods as first then pay Tax: It is C1 import customs clearance case Five minutes can get goods.
  Sea freight/Air freight, customs declaration all link with computer net.
(2) Responds specially items customs declaration
  Personal effects
  uncooked fresh and freeze food
  Machine for building, show goods, and the goods from China
  Bulky steel, Motor, No duty fish product
  New, old, old dynamo set renovated.
  Triangle international trade and goods refund.
  Sea freight and Air freight, transportation together.
(3) We have more than 20 years experiences, and many professional staff to respond import/Export by sea freight or airfreight customs declaration, provide no duty, reducing duty and computer check taxation and also provide honest quality, safety, fast customs clearance promise.