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1981 Mar.
Built up "CHAR HUE" custom broker Co. Ltd., we do air and shipping import/ export customs declaration, from traditional customs clearance business to modern computer Internet customs clearance. Fast and effective, and also get the licenses from examination Yuan and gain the good custom broker from ministry of Finance.
1993 Feb.
built up "YE-WANG CO. LTD." Class A of manufactory import /Export trading and packing business.
1994 Aug.
built up "International moving department" Specialty door-to-door emigrant moving business.
1999 Mar
Because Domestic mover had bad comment, so we built up domestic exquisite moving department and we also own motorcade to provide good and exquisite moving business.
2000 Sept.
built up "YE-WANG" business service center specialty provide foreign company, foreigner personal effects, goods, packing, customs clearance, transportation and moving business service.

2001 Aug.
To have the honor to get the award of excellence middle industry "Ching-Ding" Prize from China commerce trade ltd.